Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog (Karen Pryor Clicker Book)

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Author: Emma Parsons

Brand: Brand: Sunshine Books

Edition: Karen Pryor Clicker Book


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ISBN: 1890948209

Number Of Pages: 181

Publisher: Sunshine Books

Details: Positive Answers for the Aggressive Dog. The dog that bites. The dog that attacks other dogs. The dog who may not survive his own aggressive behavior. What can be done to help these dogs? When Emma Parsons, canine behavior consultant, discovered that her own dog was aggressive, she developed innovative and effective strategies to calm, alter, and re-shape his reactive displays, and those of her clients' dogs.

* desensitize your dog to approaching strange dogs
* grab your dog's collar without getting bitten
* teach dogs to perform canine calming signals on cue
* use your own body language when under stress as a cue for your dog to remain calm