The rain is neither a friend of you, nor your dog. Don’t get us wrong, we are well aware that some dogs love nothing more than bounding around in the torrential rain. Drinking it, dancing in puddles, rolling in the resulting mud, they tend to have a great time. But there are those that won’t even leave the house for a walk if they can hear the pitter-patter of water on the roof. Never fear though, our raincoats offer the perfect solution, and get your compadre looking the part at the same time. They come in a wide variety of styles, ensuring that you find one that is just right for your dog’s personality. No longer will you have to chase your buddy around the house, trying desperately to dry them with a towel before they turn your home into your garden. Now you can just whip off their stylish raincoat and they are ready to go. This will no doubt be appreciated by all of the family, and furniture. All raincoats are easy to fit, remove and wash.