100% Natural 5-6 Inch Junior Bully Sticks (30 Pack) Beef Bladder Stick Dog Treats

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Brand: Best Bully Sticks

Color: Brown


  • All-Natural Chew: NO Antibiotics, Steroids, Hormones, or Chemicals
  • Supports Dental Health: Natural Chews removes Plaque and Tartar Buildup
  • 100% Digestible: Single Ingredient Beef Treat that is Easily Digested
  • Beef Treat: A Taste Dogs Love@
  • Hand Inspected: All of our products are inspected in a USDA/FDA- Approved Facility

Details: Your dog is HARD-WIRED to chew on things!
Satisfy their instinctive urge to chew with a mouth-watering, healthy treat!

100% Natural! Our junior bully sticks have just 1 ingredient: grass-fed free-range beef bladder, which is
slow-roasted to chewy perfection in its own natural juices.
* NO Preservatives
* NO Artificial coloring or flavoring
* NO Chemicals
* NO Hormones
* NO Antibiotics
* NO Additives

We stick to pure, free-range, grass-fed beefy goodness!

The SAFE Alternative to Rawhides:
Rawhides are one of the most common treats given to dogs, which swells up in their bellies,
creating tummy aches and dangerous blockages. Our junior bully sticks are fully digestible, and break
down easily in your dog's stomach. This is a perfect treat that your dogs can safely enjoy every day!

Healthy Teeth & Gums:
Our junior bully sticks are Nature's Toothbrush for dogs! Remove your dog's plaque & tartar buildup
as they grind their teeth along natural grooves and curves in each stick. Our 6" sticks are ideal and long-lasting
for small-medium sized dogs, and our 12" sticks are great for larger dogs.

Serving Suggestion:

Our Treats are High in Protein, so please limit your dog to 1 per day. Too much protein may cause upset stomachs and loose stools.

Natural Scent:

Our Bully Sticks are 100% Natural with no preservatives, additives or unhealthy chemicals. This means they may emit an odor, but don't worry your pups love it!

Country of Origin: