Go Buddy Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover for Trucks, SUV, Family Van, and Sedan




  • Dimensions: 56" x 47"
  • Waterproof, durable car seat cover keeps pet stains, spills, dander, dirt, and odors off the back car seats of your vehicle
  • Stays secure inside your automobile with 2 adjustable straps that buckle around car seat headrests, 2 seat anchors, and 2 elastic straps
  • Easy clean up - Machine-washable and let air dry


The philosophy at Go Buddy is simple: our pet is part of the family. When you and your furry friend are always on the go, you both need products that are ready to go whenever you are. So we created products tailored for pets and their owner's active lifestyles. Wherever we go, they go too!

Love taking road trips with your dog but tired of worrying about stains, spills, dander, dirt, and odors? We've got you covered with the Go Buddy Dog Car Seat Cover. Your journey is more important than the destination, and with our waterproof and durable car seat cover, your dog remains comfortable while your car seats stay safe so you can focus on the road.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is it made of?
Heavy-weight polyester with a waterproof backside.

2. Will this fit my car?
The seat cover is 56" x 47" and will fit most cars and SUVs.

3. Is it machine-washable?
Yes. However, do not tumble-dry. Let air dry.

4. Are their openings for seat belt buckles? Do they have closures?
Yes. There are 2 slits to pull seat belt buckles through. There are no closures for them.

5. Are the straps adjustable?
Yes. The straps have adjuster slides. Full extension is about 25 inches.