PETLESO Large Dog Goggles Sunglasses UV Goggles Goggles Golden Retriever Goggles Square

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Brand: Pet Leso

Color: Square


  • Your pet will get a lot of attention when wearing this doggles
  • The dog goggle is made with elastic straps that can be easily adjusted over the chin and head of your dog
  • You can easily tell that it has the longest strap measurement especially when it is completely stretched, which makes it more advantageous when adjusting the glasses over your dog¡¯s head.
  • Designed specifically for dogs in medium and large sizes, like Golden Retrievers, Goldie Shepherds, Huskies and Molly
  • Protects dog's eyes from UV and wind, enjoy sunshine, The lenses are made with polycarbonate that makes it shatterproof

Advantages of Owning Pet Leso? Large Dog UV Doggles
When you choose to get the UV doggles, there are countless advantages that you and your dog can get. Basically, if you see your dog having fun with his goggles, you are sure to feel happy as well since your beloved pet is having fun with his new gear. The following are some of the advantages that your pet can get from using this pair of goggles:

Fashionable and cool
This is sure to be a fashionable and cool gear for your dog especially when you dress him or her up whenever you are going out. You will not have to worry about finding a suitable color as it is available in different colors.

Provides maximum eye protection from wind and UV rays
It is given that there will be those times when you want to bring your buddy outside to enjoy the sun or enjoy a quick stroll at the park. To prevent your pet¡¯s eyes from having problems with UV rays and dust and debris, letting your pet wear this doggles can do the job. This will help your dog enjoy the entire time of strolling outside and bonding time with your dog as payment for the days or hours when you are working and leaving him at home.s

Adjustable double strap for snug fit
Back strap length (minimum): 7.8"
Chin strap length (minimum): 7.8"

Package Included: 1x Pet Goggles